Attention Owners - Please note that there are two methods of online payments available to use. There are various fees depending on the payment processor used and method of payment. SPM does not control these fees, nor do we have the power to waive any portion of them. Please use the schedule of processing charges below to determine the most cost effective payment based on your payment amount and method of payment.
Please utilize the payment links below to access the processing institution of your choice.

First Citizens Bank - Formerly CIT Bank
eCheck FREE
Debit or Credit Card 2.95% of Payment Amount
Please click the logo below to be taken to the First Citizens Bank PropertyPay HOA Dues Payment Page. Once there, you may choose to make a quick one-time payment, for which registration is not required, or you may choose to Register. Once you have a Registered account you can make a one time payment, set a schedule payments to your Association, and/or view your transaction history. The fee for a credit or debit card transaction through First Citizens Bank is 2.95% of the payment amount, which is charged by the institution, and eCheck and reoccurring ACH payments are FREE.
YOU WILL NEED A MANAGEMENT COMPANY ID, ASSOCIATION ID, AND PROPERTY NUMBER IN ORDER TO PAY. These are assigned through our computer software. Please refer to the Homeowner Payment Options - Ways to Pay Letter, or you may contact our office in order to obtain this information.

eCheck $2.95 Service Fee
Debit or Credit Card 2.85% of Payment Amount
Please click the logo below to be taken directly to the PayLease page for Southern Property Management. Returning customers will enter their log in name and password on the landing page. Customers new to PayLease will select "Set Up Account," and will need to enter your 5 digit account number assigned by our accounting software to do so. You can find this number on your homeowner statement or by contacting our office. Then you will follow the prompts on your screen to complete the payment.

Non-Electronic Payment Options
Owners also have the ability to pay by check or money order made payable to your Homeowners Association. We accept these payments via mail or in-person delivery during our office hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, and 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm. Our address is 4211 Mundy Mill Place, Suite C, Oakwood, GA 30566.
Please note that no cash payments will be accepted.