Online ACC Modification Request
If you would like to complete an electronic version of Southern Property Management's ACC Modification Request, please complete the form below. At the end of the form, you will have the opportunity to upload supporting documents relevant to your modification request. If you prefer to download a pdf version of the form to submit via mail, email, or fax, please click HERE. Please note that not all communities under management accept the general ACC Modification Form contained below. In the event that your community does not accept the general form, a representative from Southern Property Management will forward you the community-specific ACC form necessary for review.
Please note that detailed modification plans, including a list of materials, comprehensive specifications of the proposed project, and a site plan showing the location of the proposed improvement(s) on the lot are necessary for committee review.  If all documentation is not included with the submission below, your request will be delayed until our office receives the required information for committee review.
Terms and Conditions

By submitting this request the homeowner acknowledges that they have read and agreed to the following:
  1. I understand and agree that no work described herein shall commence until I have received written approval from the ACC.
  2. I represent and warrant that the requested change strictly conform to the community design and that the requested change shall be made in strict conformance with the Development Wide Standard.
  3. I agree to comply promptly with all codes, rules, regulations, ordinances, laws, and any other requirements of any legally constituted public authority having jurisdiction over the property, and agrees to do so solely at their own expense.
Waiver of Liability
By placing my electronic signature on the form below, I acknowledge and agree to the following:
The Association's Board of Directors, the Association's ACC, and their respective members, or any of their successors or assigns, the agents, representatives, and/or employees of Southern Property Management or the Association SHALL NOT be held liable for damages or otherwise to anyone requesting approval and architectural alteration by reason of mistake in judgment, negligence, or nonfeasance arising out of any action or non-action with respect to submission. The ACC or ARC is directed toward review and approval of site planning, appearance, and aesthetics. None of the foregoing assumes any responsibility regarding design or construction, including without limitation, the structural integrity, mechanical or electrical design, methods of construction, or technical suitability of materials. By submitting my electronic signature on the form below, I hereby release from responsibility and covenant not to bring any action in a court of law against any of the individuals named herein for any and all claims or damages arising from this request, and its approval or denial thereof.
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I, the requestor for this ACC Modification Request, warrant the truthfulness of the information provided in this application, and agree to all terms and conditions herein.
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