Rec Area Parking Rules:
  • The parking at the rec area is primarily for the use of association members and their guests to park while utilizing the pool.
  • Rec Area parking is not to be considered an extension of a homeowner’s driveway and continued daily and overnight parking can result in fines and suspension of rec area privileges.
  • No vehicle may be parked overnight in the rec area without the permission of the Board of Directors.
Occasionally, situations may arise where an owner needs to request approval for overnight parking at the Recreation area parking lot. In those cases, owners shall complete the form below to request permission from the Board to park overnight at the Rec area, and wait to receive approval back from the Woodward Preserve Board of Directors prior to parking overnight in the Rec area.
Permission shall be granted in the Board's sole discretion, in writing. Submission of the form below does not guarantee approval, and any owners who submit a last minute form and do not wait for approval in writing are subject to the same penalties as those who park in the Rec area overnight without requesting permission.
If you have any questions regarding the information above, please email or
Overnight Parking - Resident Info
Vehicle Information
Date(s) & Length of Stay